A full system set up and streamline plan focused on elevating your client experience in just one day.

Let’s be clear about one thing right away, fam:

You’re not able to focus on systems or your own business when you’re knee deep in client work.

The “systems” you do have in your business are suffering and they’re anything but streamlined which constantly has you working more.

Life for you is a lot less 4-hour work days and a lot more manual emails and shiny system syndrome, amirite? 

You’ve seen all the claims from people (like me) saying “automation is the way of the future” but you have no clue how you’re ever going to find the time to learn and implement. 

And honestly? You don’t want to sign a large on-going retainer package to have another agency set up and manage your systems for you. 

You need answers and you need them NOW, ya know, before you decide to break out the blow torch and burn it all down.

Dramatic? Only slightly.

Systems are crucial, you get it, but what you really need above all else is someone to come be your Clark Kent and save the day by actually
implementing them 

for you.





The full functioning agency that runs like a well-oiled machine you’ve been craving? We’ve got you here.

It's time to stop being the bottleneck in your business, implement systems that reflect a profitable agency, and allow you to close that computer well before midnight. 

You’re serving your people well, but we need to figure out a way to do that while also serving yourself by taking YOU partially out of the process through team and automation while still maintaining that human touch.

That’s where we come in with the internal systems set up VIP day.

This intensive will bring you a full systems build and a streamlined plan focusing on creating the best possible client experience and making your life way easier.

The second a client walks through your virtual agency doors until after they’re offboarded, you’ll give them the best possible client experience. 

In this 6-hour intensive, we’ll create systems that work FOR you so you can actually delegate and step away from your business without fear it will implode.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding and unwavering confidence in what we’ve built so you can step back from “doing” and have more space to create, build, and expand.

One-time payment of $2597
or two payments of $1597

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One-time payment of $3597
or two payments of $1997

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Your deliverables:

A custom-built Dubsado flow for one signature service, inclusive of:

+ Up to 20 emails

+ All necessary graphics (from provided templates)

+ One contract

+ One subcontract

+ Up to 3 questionnaires/forms

+ 1 custom proposal & 1 templated proposal (from provided templates)

+ 1 lead capture form

+ All tags, statuses, scheduler (3 appt types max) automations and connections

+ All integrations and brand setups

+ Complete video walkthrough of their new system

+ Access to client video library for continuing education

** Copy is not included in this package, but can be added

Click Up or Asana built out & optimized for agencies daily operations, inclusive of: 

+ Business headquarters board with all company tasks
+ Signature services board 
+ Optional lead board 
+ Task management board
+ Complete video walkthrough of their new system

Here’s how your VIP Day will go down:


systems review, audit, and workflow mapping at least 24 hours before our intensive.


system set up on our VIP day.


of training videos recorded.