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Done-with-you consulting for agency CEOs ready to scale their business, support their team, and create a flawless client experience.

Let’s get a slow clap going for you, superwoman. 

You worked your butt off and experienced quick growth in your business, which is every entrepreneur's dream.

You knew you couldn’t keep doing it all on your own, so you did what anyone would recommend as the natural next step—hire a team. 

Little did you know when the experts say hiring is the key to growth, they left out how hard delegating and leading would be when you don’t have a solid foundation in place. 

Instead of being able to step back into more of the CEO role, you found yourself playing janitor cleaning up your team’s messes. 

You found out real quick when growth isn’t supported by a solid foundation and done strategically, you’re looking burnout square in the face (and it ain’t pretty).

You need systems, structure, self-confidence, and established foundations in order to be prepared to lead from an executive seat.

This experience has made it difficult for you to realease control from the doer to the delegator and now you’re not quite sure what to do moving forward or how to make the transition seamless, but we do.

It’s time to unleash the CEO mindset you’ve been burying under 

client work.

You’re taking the agency route because you were told it would give you more “freedom and flexibility” but all it’s done is chain you to your desk managing a team that was supposed to be your way out.

Instead you found yourself working more with each hire, and between you and me? I know you feel resentment toward your team because of it (I won’t tell). But, if you feel they aren’t helpful or supportive enough, but that’s on you, boss. They simply don’t have what they need to succeed.

You’re unable to properly onboard your team so you’re throwing things together rather than setting company standards.

The lack of direction makes you think they’re the wrong fit for the team, but you know all your hiring has been reactive versus proactive. 

It’s time to stop this -ish.

But before you think you can DIY it, it’s time we get real.

Warning: this might sting a little, but if it does, it means you need it even more. Think of it as the loving but tough advice you needed to hear from your grandma.

Let's not B.S. this one, I know what you're thinking. You either think you're not ready for this (yet) or you're afraid of the cost. First of all, if you're here reading this (which you are!), you're ready.

And, what's the cost if you don't invest in your company? ...Your future and sanity. The last thing you want is to find yourself working for “the man” again.

Sure, you could piece together more free content or course and try to make it work, but we both know it won't. 

You're already on the client work hamster wheel, you don't have the time to source, consume, and implement all the magical answers you think are out there. 

And you certainly won't be able to work on the CEO embodiment that you need to run your team. 

We both know it's time to invest in yourself and the growth of your business. You're worth it.

I know because I’ve been there too—burnt out on the brink of giving up feeling endless frustration.

The truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know. If you’re a new(er) agency owner, you don’t know all the internal systems that you’re going to need to have in place. You don’t know the most successful way to manage a team and delegate. You don’t know how to streamline everything to make it as seamless and simple as possible.





In the wise words of Don Draper,

“make it simple, but make it brilliant."

That’s what we’re here to do. 

We aren’t here to build cookie cutter agencies. We’re here to build living, breathing, sustainable, and functional agencies that work for the CEO (that’s you!) and the team that runs them. 

Your agency is more than just running a team, it’s the whole shift of CEO embodiment, mindset, and leadership that needs to happen. 

We are going to work on helping you become the leader you were meant to be, in all areas, not just one.

This will reflect across all facets of your business. A happy, cohesive, and well run team will treat your clients just as good (if not better—yes, seriously) than you do.

Ready to set up a business that actually runs without needing your hand in every corner and step into the CEO role?

Then step into my corner office.

You need help and you need it fast.

That’s why I created a VIP day to help you create a fully customized agency plan focused on exceeding both your team and client’s expectations built on my 5-part CEO framework.

5-Part Framework:


Move from the doer to the delegator. We work on overcoming your fears from solo show to team mode and how to ensure your team handles the work with as much attention as you do. 


Part of leadership is embodying CEO confidence to lead. We discuss servant leadership and how to remove yourself from being the bottleneck so things get done more efficiently.


Setting team expectations around roles and responsibilities, and feedback. Plus, making sure your team is thriving in their zone of genius. 


Understanding your daily operations, business boundaries, task request and management.


Keeping a boutique feel for your agency business is important and we will use the 4th pillar to support the client experience through automation to make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. 

You will walk away with:

A complete transitional plan for your (new) agency inclusive of systems knowledge, team management, and experience execution. You’ll receive a custom onboarding and offboarding, and experience delivery map. Have a full transition kit complete with scripts, organizational charts, role definitions, SOP templates, systems recommendations, and MORE!

Here’s a breakdown of our VIP day:

+ First 15-30 minutes will be to establish how the day will run
+ Then we’ll spend an hour-ish on mindset
+ An hour-ish on leadership
+ Break for 30 minutes for lunch (my treat, boss!)
+ Then come back for an hour of team management training
+ An hour on systems + automations you need to implement
+ Our final hour will be spent on enhancing your client experience
+ Any remaining time will go towards additional Q&A


Begins at $3,500
(payment plans available)

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